Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

I surrender to your mouth
full of honey and some pepper
to spice things up
when you tell me in the most inappropriate places
— a hospital, a bakery, a restaurant —
I can’t wait to make love with you.

We cross the distance of the universe,
I go from hate to love with you
— you hurt me and heal me later —
honey and pepper can’t disguise
the taste of a heart-breaker,
the bad boy with ragged jeans and a guitar.

I surrender to your puppy eyes
that match well with your boyish smile,
— kind, loving,
a kid who plays with love like it is his newest toy —
I drink your poison while I pray
that this is the last night I stay,
but I always come back.

A human being trying to heal and found her own voice. A self-love journey.