I wanna stop dreaming

about pretty hair,

perfect soft voice,

a composed me.

I wanna forget all the narratives

I created for myself

when I am flawless,

when I am nothing but a doll.

I am gonna be raw,

ugly, fearful,

a big question mark.

People don’t like insecure people,

doubtful people,

but these days I am all of it,

so I am gonna repeat it is ok,

even if people don’t like me.

I am gonna laugh loudly, noisily,

without harmony,

don’t comb my hair,

don’t be pleasent to look.

I am gonna cry outloud

because it is rainning inside,

a monsoon.

And even in that storm,

even in that messiness,

gonna love myself

because my life depends on it.

I took the picture after a long walk by Han river, in Seoul, Korea.

A human being trying to heal and found her own voice. A self-love journey.

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