What to write to avoid writing about love

I am addicted to love. I am addicted to love stories, it can be movies, books, medium articles of course, friends having the perfect love story, love songs, the list can go on. This addiction can seem not to dangerous, but it has get me in a lot of trouble. From daydreaming to much about meeting ‘the one’, to get into unhealthy relationships and to not being able to let go, you know, the basic. Of course, that also translates in my writing, it is all about love, about someone else, about moving on, about me recovering from a breakup, about finally letting things go. But ladies and gentleman, I am tired of it. So I decided to write about anything else but love. Ok, anything else but ‘romantic love’. This is my manifesto, others people manifesto if they find it useful, to focus on self-growth and discovery.

So, what to write about if it is not love? I had a hard time answering this question but I could come with ideas so here we go.

Write about your pets

Or write about why you don’t have pets (if that is your case). Pets have been and important part of my life. My dad is a veterinarian so my childhood was full of them, and even now, they definitely occupy a big part of my heart (talking about not writing about love). Pets stories can be funny, like when our family dog peed on my dad’s boxes full of books. He was moving his personal library from our apartment to the terrace and the dog thought he needed to mark his territory. Well, almost all my dad books have my dog’s pee on them now. Pets stories can be sad, nostalgic, all the experiences are there to decide.

Or write about how you are getting crazy during quarantine

If you are not getting crazy some days, please send me a message with your formula. I think everyone agrees that being in quarantine has forced us to look inward and explore new things. Me, I had failed three times on making bread, although I learned how to make amazing cookies. I started to re-watch again Naruto, one of my favorite anime. I had cry a bit too much, and also laugh, not by the same amount but I am getting there. You see, quarantine offers also a full range of different things you can write about.

Write about your job

Or part-time job, I do not wanna exclude anything. For me, part-time jobs will do. I have been an English and a Korean history teacher, a bartender, a waitress and all of them offered me pretty unique insights or a least hilarious stories. Like the one little girl in my class who told me it must had been quite hard for couples in Joseon Dinasty to make love because rooms where separated in man and woman. The girl was six years old, and I was speechless. I just sayed yes, while trying hard to not laugh and continue my class.

You can even write about technology

Write about what amuses you, for me it is going to be blockchain and how it blew my mind to think maybe someday this would challenge the need for banks, or other institutions. Or you can write about how much you don’t get along with technology, and if you are like me, you do not get excited about buying a new phone because you have to figure it out everything again.

And if nothing works, write about some topics people could write about. Write about everything in your own universe of experiences, and little by little discover that there is more than your romantic experiences that shaped you.



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